Tuesday, June 5, 2007

bunkie talk

Hey dere. Herrs sum words you might nott recunnize dem. Click onna words n find a pitcher!

arshter: juss sheck em 'n swaller

carn: ha 'n yeller. ma favrit's deé-kobb. needs detasslerin rond abot apurl jess abot yea haa. sellem errlee cattle shoots lock iss sweet.

chikkinnecker: summun uses chikkin necks fa croab bait whennee shooda made chitlins...userly frum wessern sho nerr bawlmer

craob: gits pronounced lock creebs, croabs, crabes, cribs, crobs, crabs and curbs

flonders: one ahh mogrates frum thother ta make tewun one sod.

hairikkin: gloria came rond '85. dint hurt ma sorghum, but dem flonders got skeered.

harshuh croab: hell on hwills. suh'toms day spike gits lodged in yo shin. ouch.

m.r. ducks - they shur r.

natty boh: welcome to the land of pleasant living

rawl farms: noebuddy's loosin weight off aoeur subs. gimme a daeoller, hon!

willum dollnd schiffer - the devil

scrapple: 'mmm

wessern sho: chikkinneckerz

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hey dere!

Welcome ta mah bloeg! That one 'n oenlah HEY BUNKIE devoted entirely to explaining why people call eachudder bunkie on the lower Delmarva Peninsula. This site'll have you uppin runnin talkin like a true bunkie by the time dem chickenneckers from ease bawlmer git donee aishun, hon!

bunkie 1: wha yew knoew bunk?!
bunkie 2:
will ima gwan don dere git summa dem arshter freeterz, bunkie!
bunkie 1: rilly?
bunkie 2: shi-chyeah. ceppa caint fond dem jreckshins ta chinckertique.

Already confused? Fear not, you should be. Aint often yawl getta chance hear dem langiches spoked. Stay tuned, will be adding some lexercons give ya some idear how ta use certain words lock ones only heard on the tangerr ollind ferra. Gonna get some more ex-amples for ya, get sum daily lessons. And finally, if ricky terwayne kitches dat 80 poond prozz tuner he promassd, weez a gwan get aeour awan own BUNKIECAM!

Hopeferrlley, yoeus a gwan be a true bunkie, in no tom flat!